There are many benefits that come with leveraging QuickHelp Events.

  • Events can complement QuickHelp assets (that can be assigned)
  • Each event is live moderated so users can ask questions throughout
  • Users can benefit from seeing the questions and answers from other users within your organization
  • Events are valuable to users who enjoy a classroom-type setting for learning


IMPORTANT: Be sure to read any messages from the moderators – they will provide updates if the event is starting late or if we are experiencing technical issues on our end.

If you experience playback issues while trying to view an event, one of the following three (3) things will fix 99% of issues:

  1. Refresh the browser
  2. Switch browsers
  3. Click the Play icon on the screen 


If after trying these three options, you continue to experience playback issues with Events, please:

  1. Reach out to a moderator to help troubleshoot
  2. Speak with your IT department and ask them and ask them to add the following sites to your network white list and internet trusted sites:


       3. If you join late from a phone or tablet, you will see the full pre-roll but can scroll and catch up with the live             presentation. 

  • This ONLY happens on mobile. If you join from a computer, the session will start wherever the stream is currently live.


Custom Events

QuickHelp also offers the ability to create Custom Events for your own organization (specific Admin permissions are required). The benefits of Custom Events include:

  • A platform for registering users, sending out reminders, etc.
  • Data about who registered, who attended, etc.



Look at the following Support Documents on how to create Custom Events for your organization

  1. Custom Events – Overview
  2. Custom Events – Access
  3. Custom Events – Create Event
  4. Custom Event – Create Session(s)
  5. Custom Event – Email Reminder
  6. Custom Event – Related Content
  7. Custom Event – Tracking Registration & Attendance