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Welcome to the QuickHelp Support Center

RESOLVED (Update January 11, 2023)

Great news! The communication sections on all dashboards are now displaying/exporting correctly for data moving forward. Email and Teams data will display in the normal 4-6 hour time frame. If you need communication data that is not displayed, please create a QuickHelp Support Center Ticket.

SSO Enabled?

QuickHelp certificates for Single Sign-On will expire November 20, 2022. To update your certificates, follow these steps.

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On our continued path to modernize learning in QuickHelp, we will retire Office 2016 content on Friday, March 31st 2023. For more information, please see the Deprecating Office 2016 Topics and Skill Paths article.

Deprecation of SMTP Basic

Microsoft is deprecating support of SMTP Basic at the beginning of 2023. If your organization uses Outlook Online and SMTP for QuickHelp communications, please update your settings to use Direct Send instead.