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Welcome to the QuickHelp Support Center!

The QuickHelp Support Center is designed to be a one-stop shop whether you are new to QuickHelp, or a long time QuickHelp pro. You can search for QuickHelp configuration guides, troubleshooting tips, FAQs, and more. You can also create a support ticket for additional information, as needed.

Direct your ticket

We want to make sure your question(s) get to the right contact. When creating a ticket please place one of these "key words" in the subject line of your ticket. These word will help your ticket get to where it needs to be....

What's new?!

We are phasing out the Tuesday reminder email (Weekly Task Reminder) and are releasing the Weekly User Digest (WUD). For more information click here.

Most popular tech notes

"I have logged into the portal but no videos are playing!" Check out the top troubleshooting solution.