With QuickHelp Custom Events, you can view exactly who has registered for, as well as attended, a given event. You can even export a user list if needed.

  1. Edit your Event
  2. Click the Registrations tab

    Here, view all registered users, including which session they signed up for and when. If the session has already taken place, you can see whether or not they attended. You can even search for a specific user.
  3. Click Export at the bottom of the Registrations list to export a full list of users registered for the event

Your Custom Event even has a Dashboard for a quick overview of your events impact.

  1. Edit your Event
  2. Click the Dashboard tab

A: Activity: Number of users registered and/or attended per session

Select Past Sessions or Upcoming Sessions for the data needed

Attended = the end user clicked the Attend Event link (found in the automated QuickHelp emails or on the QuickHelp Event page) prior to the Event session ending but not earlier than one hour previous to the Event Session starting.  

B: Assigned: Number of assigned users registered/not registered for the event (all sessions)

C: Popularity: Number of times the Event has been shared or bookmarked

D: User Engagement: Number of users who visited the Custom Event page, the number of users who registered for the event, and the number of users who attended the event