Once you have an event set up in QuickHelp, you can create a session (or more) so you can start registering users. (Don't have your Event created? Click here for instructions.)

  1. Click New > Event > Session from the Action Bar
  2. Choose the corresponding Event from the Event Name pulldown menu

  3. Choose a Start and Stop Date/Time for this particular session

  4. Choose the appropriate time zone from the Time Zone pulldown menu

  5. Click Published if you are ready for your end users to see this session. If not, you can come back and publish it later.

  6. Click the Next arrow

  7. Specify the capacity
    For a live event, this might be the number of seats in your venue. For an online event, the max number of attendees the software allows. Once this capacity has been reached, no additional users can register for this session.
    NOTE: If Events have been globally set as limited, whichever number (Session Capacity or Limit Session Registration) has the smaller amount will take effect.

  8. Enter a facilitator email - this can be any email, not just a QuickHelp User.
    There is currently no functionality behind this email, but functionality will be added in a future release.

  9. Enter an Event URL - must contain http:// or https://
    This may be a link for a Teams meeting, Microsoft Stream live event, or other webinar service. If this is an "In Person" event, you can link to a landing page that contains information about the event.

    CAUTIONIf you add a Teams meeting linkcheck that your Teams link is valid for your event. Follow the instructions in the Custom Events - Adding a Teams Link article to ensure your link will allow users to access your event. 

  10. Click the Create Promotional Email checkbox (optional) *
    If you are creating the first session for any given event (session must be published), you can choose to create a promotional email directly from within the New Session wizard.

  11. Click the Finish checkmark

* If you don’t create a promotional email at this time, you can go to the Campaign tab later to schedule a promotional email.

If you chose to create a Promotional Email...

  1. Choose a Communication Type - this should probably be Event
  2. Choose a Communication Category (or create a new one)
  3. Give the Promotional Email a Title
  4. Give the Promotional Email a Subject Line
    Many of these fields are pre-populated. You can use what's there already or customize it to better fit your needs.
  5. Click the Next arrow
  6. Select an Image Cap for this email

    Choose from Global QuickHelp images, existing custom images for your organization, or to upload a new image

  7. Click the Next arrow 

  8. Enter a Headline, Body text, a Call To Action, and a destination URL
    The destination URL is pre-populated with a link to this specific Event in QuickHelp.

  9. Click the Next arrow

  10. Specify delivery options - send it manually, or schedule the email to send automatically at a given date/time

    If you choose to schedule the email, you will be prompted to Specify the recipients as well as the date and time to send the email. If you choose to send the email manually, you will skip these options.
  11. Whichever delivery option you choose, you will need to select a Send From option - from no-reply@quickhelp.com, from your email, or from no-reply from one of your approved domains
  12. Check the Send me a test email checkbox if you would like a test email sent to you - this is optional
  13. Click the Finish checkmark