There are several different ways to provision a QuickHelp account. Information on the "how to" of each different method can be found here. But what are the high-level differences? Here is a brief glance and each provisioning method.

MethodDescriptionWhat's Great?Things to know
Microsoft GraphMicrosoft Graph is an Office 365 API provided by Microsoft that can be leveraged with QuickHelp to provision user accounts and licenses that sync with your Office 365 tenant.
  • Syncs nightly
  • Keeps QuickHelp licenses concurrent with O365 licenses.
  • Welcome email automatically sent to licensed users 
  • Usage Data available within 36 hours 
  • SSO can still be used for authentication
  • A Microsoft Global Admin is required to configure the QuickHelp Admin Portal
  • All users with any type of O365 license will be imported into QuickHelp 
  • QuickHelp Admin can control who receives a QuickHelp license
Single Sign-OnEnabling Single-Sign On (SSO) authentication for your organization allows for secure authentication against your current identity database. QuickHelp uses “Just-in-time” provisioning to create user accounts.
  • User authentication is either transparent or user is presented with a familiar login page 
  • QuickHelp never communicates directly with internal user database 
  • Passwords not stored in the QuickHelp database
  • When you enable SSO for your QuickHelp account, every user must authenticate using SSO, whether you use a single SSO provider or multiple SSO providers.
CSV ImportUsing a CSV upload you can pre-load users into QuickHelp to configure them into groups before you launch QuickHelp.
  • Easy to upload
  • Easily assign users to pre-defined groups  
  • Welcome email automatically sent to licensed users
  • SSO can still be used for authentication
  • Can be used even if you are using Microsoft Graph

  • Specific fields are required 
    • FirstName, LastName, Email, Department, Title, SystemGroup, UserGroup
    • FirstName, LastName, and Email must have data 
    • Data in other fields is optional 
  • FirstName and LastName fields must contain at least 2 characters
  • Commas not allowed in any field
Admin CreatedA QuickHelp Admin (with User Admin access) can create individual user accounts in the Admin Portal.
  • Ability to add a single user as needed
  • SSO can still be used for authentication
  • If not using SSO, Admins can set a password for the user
  • OR Admin can choose to send user an email link to create their own password
Self-ProvisioningAn end user can go to{ROUTEURL} and create their own QuickHelp account entering first name, last name, email address, and password.
  • Users will get an email with a link to confirm their account
    • Link expires after 48 hours.
  • To create an account, the organization must be an active QuickHelp subscriber.
  • If your organization has configured SSO, an end user an account will be created through “Just-in-Time” provisioning. (See SSO)