QuickHelp accounts can be created in one of three ways:

1. Individual QuickHelp accounts*

  • quickhelp.com/<customURL> and click Create Account (you must be logged out of QuickHelp for this option to appear)
  • Fill out all required information (first name, last name, email, password)
  • Click Create
  • User will get an email with a link to confirm their account - link expires after 48 hours if not used


*If your organization has configured Single Sign-On, you will not be able to create user accounts by clicking Create Account. Accounts must be created via CSV import or just-in-time provisioning.

2. Batch import

Multiple users can be imported by using a CSV import - click here for more information. This is our recommended practice, whether or not your organization is configuring Single Sign-On.

3. Just-in-time provisioning

If your organization has configured Single Sign-On (SSO) for QuickHelp authentication, new accounts will be created in QuickHelp the first time the user accesses a QuickHelp link.

  • If users are seeing a QuickHelp login screen (see below), they are not accessing the correct organizational URL (quickhelp.com/<customURL>).