Different Admin Roles provide different access points to the Admin Portal. For a description of each of the Admin Roles, please refer to Q: What do the different Admin Roles really mean?.

Assigning Admin Roles

To assign different roles to your end users, you must have User Administrator access. To confirm access, you will see the Users tab in the Admin Portal.

  1. Find the user in question, and click on the user's First Name.
  2. From the Configure tab, check the roles you want to assign to the user.
  3. Click Save Changes from the Action Bar.

Et Voila!

NOTE: You can remove Admin access the same way by un-checking the roles.

Filtering USERS list by Admin Role(s)

You can easily filter your User list in the Admin Portal to list only those users with Admin Roles assigned.

  1. Click on the USERS tab in the Admin Portal.
  2. Click on the Filter icon at the top-right of your user list.
  3. Click to Expand the Admin Roles list.
  4. Click any (or all) Admin Roles to view users with the selected role(s) assigned.
  5. Click Apply.

Your user list will now only show users with the selected role(s).

NOTE: To revert to the full user list, click the Filter icon again and click Reset All.