On Friday, March 31, 2023, our Office 2016 content will retire. A fantastic way to make sure you are prepared prior to this date is to do the following to Skill Paths: 

  1. Go into your QuickHelp Admin portal 
  2. Click on Skill Paths 
  3. Using the search feature enter: 2016 
  4. Work with your CSM to determine which Skill Paths to change over to the M365 Skill Paths 
  5. Unpublish all Office 2016 Skill Paths no longer needed 

NEXT: Find the M365 Skill Paths you want and verify that they are published 

NOTE: Not all will have a direct equivalent 

(e.g.: Word 2016 became Meet Word for Microsoft 365, Meet Word on the Web, and Tips and Tricks for Word)

WE RECOMMENDTalk with your CSM about your goals and the Skill Paths we have for M365