On Friday, March 31, 2023, our Microsoft Office 2016 content will retire and all Office 2016 Skill Paths and Topics will be removed.  If you no longer use Office 2016 Skill Paths or Topics, no action is required on your part.  This content will retire automatically.

For a complete of retiring Topics and Skill Paths, please see the Deprecating Topics & Skill Paths article.

However, if you are using Microsoft 2016 content, you will need to replace this content with updated Microsoft 365 (M365) by March 31, 2023.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all M365 content will have a direct equivalent. For example, Word 2016 became Meet Word for Microsoft 365, Meet Word on the Web, and Tips and Tricks for Word.  If you need assistance replacing Office 2016 content with M365, please contact your Client Success Manager.

First, locate Office 2016 content and unpublish

  1. Go into your QuickHelp Admin portal 
  2. Click on Skill Paths 
  3. Using the search feature, enter 2016 
  4. Check the boxes next to Office 2016 content that you no longer use
  5. Click Unpublish

Next, locate M365 content and publish it for your organization

  1. Locate new content (tip: using the search feature, enter preferred)
  2. Check the boxes next to new content you wish to add
  3. Click Publish at the bottom