Microsoft replaced Office 2016 with Microsoft 365 (M365).  With this change, QuickHelp will deprecate Office 2016 Topics, Skill Paths, and Communications on Friday, March 31, 2023.  All affected Skill Paths and communications will have "DEPRECATING MARCH 2023" within the description.  

Complete lists of deprecating Office 2016 Topics, Skill Paths, and Communications are located at the bottom of this article.

You can also view the list of your published and updated 2016 Skill Paths within the QuickHelp Admin portal.  Click Skill Paths and search for "deprecating".  Keep in mind that the "DEPRECATING" label will only show on Skill Paths if they have been updated to the current version and published.  If your published Skill Paths are not current, the label may not show. 

What's next?

  1. Check QuickHelp notifications and follow the prompts to accept Skill Path names and content updates.
  2. Replace deprecating content with the most up-to-date version.
  3. Review custom content and replace Office 2016 Topics with the corresponding Microsoft 365 Topics.

Deprecating Office 2016 Topics

Excel 2016 (including Excel 2016 for Mac)
Office 2016 (including Office Mac 2016)
OneNote 2016 (including OneNote 2016 for Mac)
Outlook 2016 (including Outlook 2016 for Mac)
PowerPoint 2016 (including PowerPoint 2016 for Mac)
Project 2016
SharePoint 2016
Word 2016 (including Word 2016 for Mac)

Deprecating Office 2016 Skill Paths

Advanced VLOOKUP Applications
Build an Infographic
Communicate Securely with Outlook 2016
Create a Report
Create Videos with Office: Part 1
Create Videos with Office: Part 2
Create Videos with Office: Part 3
Excel 2016
Make Documents More Accessible and Compliant with Section 508
Meet Outlook 2016
Microsoft Search in Bing Essentials
Moving to a New Computer: Outlook
OneNote 2016
Outlook 2016
Outlook 2016 for Executive Admins
PowerPoint 2016
Prepare to Go Out of Office Using Outlook 2016
Project 2016
SharePoint 2016 for End Users
SharePoint 2016 for Site Owners
Standout Charts
Tips and Tricks for Outlook 2016
VLOOKUP Essentials
Welcome to Office 2016
Welcome to Your Office 2016 Tools
Word 2016

Deprecating Office 2016 Communications

Excel 2016
Office 2016 Suite
OneNote 2016
Outlook 2016
PowerPoint 2016
Word 2016