We are constantly updating and creating QuickHelp content (releasing approximately fifty new experiences a week!). To keep our existing content current, we are strategic, rather than exhaustive, in our approach. We don’t update or create content for every single product release or product update. Instead, we target content that will have the greatest impact on your organization’s objectives. This approach allows us to react quickly and provide more overall value. We assess this potential impact using three metrics: timing, use, and value.


Timing relates to the availability of features for an average user, as well as our production team’s capacity. Before we can even begin to consider the use or value metrics for a feature/tool, we first must establish whether the feature/tool is available for the majority of end users. Then we consider whether it is feasible for us to create content for the feature/tool in question. For example, when a major feature enhancement is released, we generally wait to start content production until the feature becomes widely available to users.

(Potential) Use

Once we have determined timing, we analyze the potential use of a feature/tool. We consider how many of our customers use or anticipate using a specific tool, including whether licensing for the tool has already been purchased and, if so, how many end users have access to the licensing. The more organizations and/or end users that use or have access to a feature, the more opportunity there is for our content to be impactful.


Regardless of whether the use for a feature is high or low, the value of adopting that feature/tool in an organization is still important metric in deciding what content we create. Even if a feature/tool doesn’t have significant potential use, we may still consider creating content for it if its adoption provides a considerable amount of value in helping reach a specific organizational objective.

So, what does all of this mean for you and your organization? Our overall goal is to provide you with the most value that we can. If QuickHelp is lacking content you’d like to see, tell us in the Feedback Portal! To help us get an idea of which metric to measure your request by, provide details about the number of end users this tool would impact in your organization (use), share with us the value a feature provides to your organization in helping you reach your goals (value), or provide any additional information you think would be helpful for us to know.

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