There are four (4) steps to successfully adding the BrainStorm Microsoft Teams App to all of your organization's users. 

This is step one (4).

Step One: Adding Permissions for the BrainStorm Teams App (Globally)

Step Two: Script to Push the BrainStorm Microsoft Teams App

Step Three: Pushing the BrainStorm Teams App to Users (Globally)

Step Four: Pinning the BrainStorm Teams App (Globally)

The BrainStorm Teams App is installed globally to your entire organization via the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. 

NOTE: This can only be completed by an O365 Global Admin or a Teams Service Admin.

Section IV Pinning the App globally to all users (optional, but recommended).

NOTEIf the BrainStorm Teams app is not pinned, users will receive a notification stating there is a new app available to them.


1. Go to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Teams app > Setup policies. 

2. Under Pinned Apps click Add Apps.

3. Find BrainStorm.

4. Click Add.

5. Click Save.