The new Complete option allows you to mark certain Skill Paths or Events as completed for any or all users assigned. This feature will only be available to Assignment Administrators and Event Administrators (for Events). See the Q: What do the different Admin Roles really mean? article for more information about admin roles in QuickHelp.

For a SkillPath or Event to be eligible for the Complete option it must: 

  • Be published with users assigned to the Skill Path or Event
  • Not contain stand-alone graded assessments (for Skill Paths, in-asset graded assessments can be marked completed)
  • Not contain a course with a checkpoint (for Skill Paths)
  • Contain one or more sessions (for Events)

Selecting Users to Mark a Skill Path or Event as Complete

Navigate to the Skill Paths or Events page from the right sidebar. Check the box next to the Skill Path or Event you wish to mark as complete for users.

NOTE: Only eligible Skill Paths or Events will show the COMPLETE option. You may only mark complete ONE Skill Path or Event at a time. Selecting multiple Events or Skill Paths will void the complete option.

Click COMPLETE and use the following instructions to add users to mark as complete:

1. A wizard will pop up for you to select which group(s) of users to mark this Skill Path as complete for. Note: For the Event wizard, you will first need to select an event session, then proceed through the steps as follows. Only one session may be selected at a time.


You can search for existing groups, departments, or job titles or click browse.

2. If you click browse, select any of the three tabs at the top Groups, System Groups, or Department / Job Title and click the check box next to the once you have selected your group/s click the checkmark in the right corner. 

3. Verify these are the users you would like this Skill Path or Event to be marked as complete for, then click the checkmark to mark this Skill Path or Event as complete for your selected users.