Communication is the most important factor in a successful software deployment, so you want your efforts in this area to count. QuickHelp provides a variety of automated emails through QuickHelp designed to increase user engagement. As an admin, it’s important to understand the purpose of the different automated messages available so you can customize which ones your end-users receive to best meet their needs.  

In this article, we’ll cover five different types of automated notifications that you and your organization can customize to drive engagement with QuickHelp: General, Event, Group, Skill Path, and Consolidated Notifications.

To customize which automated notifications your end users receive, log in to the QuickHelp Admin Portal. Select Settings > User Emails and select the toggle under Always or Never for each email type.

To change the delivery method of any of the automated emails to Microsoft Teams messages, please review this support site article.

General Notification

Inactive User

Inactive QuickHelp users indicate that you aren’t getting a return on investment for your training efforts, and that’s the last thing we—and you—want. To remediate this, QuickHelp automatically sends an email encouraging inactive users to return to the training platform. This email is sent to a user at intervals of 14, 30, and 160 days of inactivity and has been shown to increase engagement with QuickHelp by nearly 10%.

Event Notifications

Users that attend an event report that they save 29.5 hours per year per event attended. To help maximize users’ experiences with this highly valuable training format, QuickHelp provides a category of automated messages dedicated specifically to events. These include reminders and calendar appointments to help users remember to attend events they’ve registered for, opportunities to provide feedback on events, and opportunities to register for upcoming sessions of events users may have missed.

Event Registration

This email is sent as a calendar invite with confirmed session details after a user registers for an event.

Unregistering from an Event

This email is sent as confirmation when a user unregisters for an event.

Event Reminder

This email helps users to remember that an event is coming up on their calendar.

Attended Event

This email is sent after a user attends an event and allows the user to provide feedback on the quality and value of the event.  

Missed Event

This email is sent after a user misses an event they had registered for. It also includes a link to enable the user to easily register for another event.

Group Notifications

Groups in QuickHelp can be a powerful means for colleagues to connect and share content. Users can enjoy maximum benefits of being group members by utilizing QuickHelp’s automated messages geared towards group activity. These include notifications for when other users share content, events, or features with a group, and so forth. Without these emails, users may not be notified when colleagues share something with them in QuickHelp.

Content Shared with a Group

This email is sent when a user shares content with a group.

Group Shared with a Group

This email is sent when a user shares a group with a group they belong to.

Event Shared with a Group

This email is sent when a user shares or recommends an event with a group.  

User Removed from a Group

This email is sent when a user is removed from a group by an admin.

Group Deleted

This email notifies users when an admin has deleted a group they belong to.

User Shares New Content

This email is sent to a group when a user shares a new feature or new content in QuickHelp.

Skill Path Notifications

QuickHelp’s automated messages for skill paths are geared to keeping users in-the-know about skill paths they’ve been assigned or are in the process of completing. Utilizing these types of automated messages can increase engagement and improve skill path completion rates.

Updated Skill Path

This email is sent when an admin updates a skill path a user has already started.

New User Journey Created

This email is sent when an admin creates a new user journey.

User Journey Updated

This email is sent when an admin updates a user journey.

Consolidated Emails

This category of automated emails includes the new user email and the Weekly User Digest, which helps new users become familiar with the platform and keep current users in the know, respectively. Please note that while you can disable any automated emails, it is considered a QuickHelp best practice to keep these two messages enabled as they have the greatest impact on user engagement with the QuickHelp platform.

New User Information

This email helps new users understand what QuickHelp is and provides an introduction to the platform. It informs new users of any groups they have already been added to and details what tasks they should complete.  

Weekly User Digest

This email includes personalized recommendations, reminders for upcoming or overdue tasks, and an overview of a user’s recent activity. When enabled, this email increases user engagement by 55%. For more information on the Weekly User Digest, check out this support site article.