Knowledge worker or firstline—we all live busy professional lives. As such, it can be easy to get distracted and forget about a particular change initiative. Staying in the loop and being reminded of what’s next for change are vital to the success of the entire change initiative. The Weekly User Digest is here to help.

What is it?

The Weekly User Digest or WUD is automated communication from the QuickHelp platform to QuickHelp users. This communication distributed via email or Microsoft Teams chat (depending on configuration – more on that shortly), serves as a consistent touch point with users and reminds them of information important to their progress with QuickHelp.

The Weekly User Digest is automatically curated by the platform for each user and sent on Tuesday mornings. The Weekly User Digest may include the following topics or sections as relevant to the user:




The value

We strongly recommend the implementation of the Weekly User Digest for the following reasons.

  • Increased user engagement
    When enabled, the Weekly User Digest increases user engagement with the QuickHelp platform by over 50% [1]. That’s a whole lot more value achieved! Here are a couple examples from customers:

  • Consistency
    With so much change taking place in modern organizations, it is the persistent and consistent change projects that see success. Users naturally prioritize which changes to make. The changes they hear about the most and the longest will be prioritized. This automated, weekly reminder allows you to be consistent without all the effort of doing it manually.


  • Reduction of communications
    You may call it counter-intuitive, but after enabling the Weekly User Digest many organizations will see a reduced need for other types of communications.

Next steps

The Weekly User Digest is controlled by two main settings within the QuickHelp Admin Portal, one enables the communication and the other controls the delivery medium (email or Teams).


Enabling the Weekly User Digest

  1. Log in to the QuickHelp Admin Portal
  2. Select Settings > User Messages
  3. Toggle on (“Always”) the last setting on the list (“Weekly message that…”)


Selecting the delivery method (for all automated communications)

To change the delivery method of the Weekly User Digest, please see Q: Can QuickHelp notifications be sent through Microsoft Teams instead of emails? : QuickHelp™ Support Center


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[1] QuickHelp Platform global data analysis