You want to stay up-to-date on the newest QuickHelp content to help end-users get the most value out of the platform’s offerings, but sometimes the What’s New page in QuickHelp isn’t specific enough for what you’re looking for. Never fear—with a few clicks in the QuickHelp Admin portal, you’ll have the information you’re looking for in no time.

In this article we will cover the following: 

  • Finding new content
  • Finding new skill paths
  • Finding new communications templates

Finding New Content

To view an application’s newest content, open the QuickHelp Admin portal, navigate to the Content tab, and select the application.

Once within your application of choice, click over from the Categories tab to the Content tab. 

Under the Content tab, you can view every existing asset for this application. Sort by Last Modified to view the application’s most recent videos and features in QuickHelp. Top results in the Last Modified section can also include older assets that aren’t brand-new but have recently been edited (such as having changes made to descriptions, titles, or thumbnail images). If you are unsure whether content is new or has simply been edited, click the checkbox next to the asset and select Preview from the options at the bottom of the screen.

Finding New Skill Paths

To find the newest or most recently updated global skill paths, navigate to the Skill Paths tab in the QuickHelp Admin Portal and sort by Last Modified.

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The Notifications tab gives you insights into skill paths that QuickHelp has recently updated for you. These updates need to be manually applied by a customer. Specific updates and changes can be viewed by clicking the name of a skill path from the list.

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Finding New Communication Templates

To view the newest or most recently updated communication templates (such as QuickTips and Teams messages) for a given application, navigate to the Campaigns tab in the QuickHelp Admin Portal and select Campaign Bundles.

Select either the Emails or Teams tab and sort by Last Modified to view the newest or most recently updated communication templates.