Did you know that you can have multiple Identity Providers (IdP) for Single Sign-On authentication within the QuickHelp platform?

Benefits of Multiple IdPs

  • You have multiple SSO Providers within a single QuickHelp tenant
  • You are switching to a new IdP and want to test the configuration

What You Need

  • WS-Federation or Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0) IdP (Identity Provider)
  • Email Assertion Attribute
    • Other assertion attributes like First Name, Last Name, Department, and Title should also be included

How it Works

With multiple IdPs in place, your end users will be asked to choose the appropriate Login Server (IdP) before the authentication process can start (see screenshot below). Please choose a Display Name for each provider that will be familiar to your end users.

Who is Needed

The following individuals will need to be involved in configuring SSO.

  • Your QuickHelp Project Lead
  • Your Identity Management, Single Sign-On, or Active Directory Team