Below you’ll find information on customizing Skill Paths.

How it Works

  • In QuickHelp’s content library, assets are organized by Topic and Category. However, for consumption, QuickHelp uses Skill Paths and Courses.

Benefits Of Organization-Specific Skill Paths

  • You know your end users better than anyone. You can create the exact Skill Path to help them change the way they use software.

  • You can add content that is unique to your organization to any Skill Path*.

  • You can track completion of all content, even your own.

  • You can add your own checkpoints and/or assessments to check for understanding.

What You Need

Who is Needed

The following individuals will need to be involved in customizing Skill Paths.

  • Your QuickHelp Project Lead
  • A QuickHelp user with the appropriate Admin Roles
  • When creating and/or customizing Skill Paths, we highly recommend working with your Client Success Manager to strategize and develop Skill Paths with a clear, targeted purpose to convey the desired message with as few courses and assets as possible.

*Please Note:

When you customize a BrainStorm-created QuickHelp Skill Path, updating that Skill Path (Admin Portal > Skill Paths > Notification) will remove all of your Skill Path changes and set it to the BrainStorm version.

Keep in Mind
  • Thin-client and VDI configurations are not supported (i.e. Citrix, VMware, Terminal Server)
  • Specific Firewall and Proxy configurations may be required to allow streaming video