Adding a QuickHelp link to your organization’s Microsoft User Help pane provides your end users with the ability to access QuickHelp from their personal O365 Help site at

NOTE: You must be a Microsoft O365 Admin to configure the Microsoft Help Site

Create the Custom Help Desk Card in the Microsoft Admin Center

    1. In the Microsoft Admin Center, go to Settings > Organization Profile

    2. Select Edit next to Provide customized help desk contact info.

Edit option next to 'Provide customized help desk contact info'

    3. Turn on Help desk card.

    4. Enter the information you want your end users to see
  • Custom title (Required): Enter a title (e.g.: QuickHelp)
  • Help desk phone (Optional): Check the box and enter the phone number users should call to talk to a tech support agent within your organization. 
  • Help desk email (Optional): Check the box and enter the email address for your support department.
  • Help desk URL (Required): Name the display name (e.g.: QuickHelp training) and enter the URL (e.g.:

    5. Select Save

To see your new customized help desk card, you will need to sign out and back in again.

NOTE: Your users will be able to see the card the next time they sign in and select the Help icon.


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