Your organization’s domain names are a huge part of your company brand and are unique to your organization. Likewise, the domains that you associate with your QuickHelp account easily identify users belonging to your organization prior to allowing them to provision an account or authenticate into your QuickHelp environment. 

NOTE: Your organization must own the domain being added.,, email addresses are not allowed as QuickHelp email identifiers.

Provisioning with Microsoft Graph

If your organization uses Microsoft Office Graph to provision QuickHelp licenses, users will not be imported, and thus not given a QuickHelp license unless the domain for their O365 Primary Email Address is listed as an approved domain within QuickHelp.

Authenticating with Single Sign-On

If your organization uses Single Sign-On as its authentication method, the email domain sent from your IdP must be a QuickHelp-approved domain.

If a domain is not a QuickHelp approved domain (whether omitted by choice to exclude specific users or by an oversight), the affected users will receive the following error message: 

Adding Approved Domains

To add additional domains to QuickHelp, please contact your organization’s Client Success Manager.