QuickHelp allows admins to assign content via Skill Paths in a User Journeys. In addition, admins can view their end users’ progress in the Admin Portal. If you have conflicting data as to whether or not an end user has finished a Skill Path, please check the following:

Did the end user complete all of the assets?


An end user must read to the very last page of a PDF for it to be marked as complete.

NOTE: If a PDF is downloaded and read outside of the QuickHelp portal, it will be marked as complete


Assessments may have a mandatory score that must be met to be marked as completed. If an end user does not achieve the minimum score, the assessment will not be marked as complete. 

Please pay special attention to Graded Assessment questions that have more than one correct option. These questions are indicated by Select all that apply. The question will not be marked as correct until all correct options are selected, which may directly impact the completion score mentioned above.


Videos must be watched to the very end in order to be marked as completed. If an end user moves on to the next asset before a video is finished, it will not be marked as complete.

Does the user have multiple QuickHelp accounts

If an end user has email aliases, or recently underwent an email change, they could have multiple QuickHelp accounts, with similar assignments. Please verify the end-user accounts, and un-license any unnecessary accounts.

Did the end user view the assets outside of the Skill Path?

If an end user searches for the asset, watches the video, reads the PDF, or answers any assessment questions outside of the Skill Path itself, the Skill Path will not be marked as completed. 

This is easily remedied, however. The end user simply needs to go to the Skill Path in question. QuickHelp then verifies that the assets are viewed, and will mark the Skill Path as completed.