Assigning content in QuickHelp is a great way to target  specific users with specific content to increase their knowledge and productivity. If you have the necessary Admin Roles, you can assign content in one of three places:

  1. User Journeys (Admin Portal)
  2. Groups (Admin Portal)
  3. QuickHelp (yep, the QuickHelp end user portal)

USER JOURNEYS  (Admin Portal)

You can assign User Journeys to:

  • All Users
  • System Groups and/or Groups
  • Departments
  • Job Titles

Whether you are creating a new User Journey or modifying an existing one, use the Intended Audience field to choose your targeted users.

Click here for detailed information on adding users while creating a new User Journey.

Modifying users in a User Journey

  1. Click User Journeys 
  2. Click desired User Journey title
  3. Click Configure
  4. Specify Intended Audience
    1. All Users: User Journey will be assigned to All Users with a QuickHelp license
    2. Group, Department, or Job Title: User Journey will be assigned to licensed users matching the selection
  5. Select Targeted Users: Not visible if Intended Audience is All Users
  6. Use type assist or click Browse to find the desired selection(s)
    1. Type assist – enter a minimum of three (3) characters to be presented with options matching what you typed
    2. Browse – find and select the desired Group, System Group, Department/Job Title
  7. Click SAVE CHANGES from the Action Bar


GROUPS (Admin Portal)

You can assign 1. Individual Assets, 2. Events, and/or 3. Skill Paths from within a Group itself.

  1. Click Groups > SYSTEM GROUPS|GROUPS
  2. Click the desired Group title
  3. Click the ASSIGNMENTS tab

    Please note that when you assign a Skill Path(s) within a Group, it creates a User Journey with just those Skill Path(s) and will take you through a New User Journey wizard.

  5. If assigning an Asset or Event, find and select the desired asset(s)|event(s) from their respective wizard
  6. Click Next
  7. Select either DEADLINE DATE or DEADLINE DAYS (optional)
  8. Enter the required value
    1. Deadline Date – a specific date from a calendar
    2. Deadline Days – Number of days from the assignment date

  9. Check SUPPRESS EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS if no email is desired
  10. Click the Finish checkmark

QUICKHELP (End-user Portal)

With the correct Admin access you will see the assign icon on Asset or Event cards within QuickHelp itself. Assignments made from within the End-user Portal can only be made to Groups and/or System Groups.


  1. Click the Assign icon in the desired Asset or Event
  2. In the Assign Wizard select Number of Days, Date, or N/A from the Due options
    • Number of Days – Number of days from the assignment date
    • Date – a specific date from a calendar
    • N/A – no specific due date
  3. Enter a minimum of three (3) characters of a Group/System Group title in the Groups field find the desired Group
  4. Edit the pre-populated message, if desired
  5. Click ASSIGN


Q: Can I assign a User Journey to just one end user?

A: Yes. Create a Group or System Group for that individual user only and assign the User Journey to that Group in the Admin Portal.

Q: Can I make an assignment to just one end user?

A: Yes. Create a Group or System Group for that individual user only and choose that group when an Asset, Skill Path, or Event.

Q: Can I add groups, departments or job titles to an existing User Journey?

A: Yes. Admin Portal > User Journeys > [User Journey Name] > Configure and type in the the desired Group Name, Department Name or Job Title in the Targeted Users field. You can also use the Browse button as needed.