Email are a great way to get your End Users engaged in QuickHelp and seeing the results of these emails is vital to refining your approach to QuickHelp.

Dashboards in the QuickHelp Admin portal can provide a lot of valuable information in this regard. But for the specifics of sending and receiving emails, we’d like to emphasize the User Engagement portion of the Main Dashboard.

User Engagement

From the User Engagement dashboard, you can see:

Looking for results from a campaign within a specific time frame? Or an assignment sent to a specific Group of users?

Using the same User Engagement dashboard, you can filter results using several different parameters.

  1. Navigate to the QuickHelp Admin Portal
  2. On the main Dashboard, select the desired Group, Department and/or Date Range
  3. Click Go

The Dashboard changes accordingly, including the User Engagement section, and any exported data will reflect the selected parameters.

NOTE: If the User Engagement Dashboard isn’t reflecting the data you expected (either not enough or too many emails sent), check the User Email Settings in the Admin Portal.

Admin Portal > Settings > User Emails