QuickHelp provides different authentication options. Below you’ll find information on authenticating using Single Sign-On (SSO).

Benefits of APIs

  • Integrates into HR Systems
  • Integrates into LMS Systems for centralized assignments and reporting
  • Adds QuickHelp content to your intranet
  • Builds custom reports

What You Need

  • Development resources (software developer)
  • Middleware hosting service (AWS, Google Cloud, etc)
  • Requirements (LMS integration, federated search, reporting etc)
  • Development of middleware
  • System API documentation (if integrating with another system)

How it Works

  • Customer makes a request
  • Middleware connects to QuickHelp API
  • API returns respective results
  • Middleware formats/processes the results
  • Results are displayed to/consumed by end user

Who is Needed

The following individuals will need to be involved in configuring SSO.

  • Your QuickHelp Project Lead
  • Your organization's software developer

For more information on APIs, please reference the following documents:

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