Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for your organization allows for secure authentication against your current identity database. When you enable SSO for your QuickHelp account, every user must authenticate using SSO, whether you use a single SSO provider or multiple SSO providers.

When your end users go to any QuickHelp link that starts with https://quickhelp.com/[ROUTEURL], the SSO process is automatically initiated.

If you have a small number of contractors who need access to QuickHelp but aren't in your organization's Active Directory, you can enable Bypass SSO for each individual user (found at the top of User Details).

Please Note: Licensed QuickHelp users can ONLY access QuickHelp using https://quickhelp.com/. With this URL, the end user will be presented with the QuickHelp Login screen where they can enter a username and password (see below). 

When the user clicks any link containing your custom ROUTEURL (from QuickHelp emails, shared or deep links, etc.), they will be redirected to the SSO process and the login will fail.

Bypass SSO is a great tool, but because it limits the end user experience (clicking links in emails, etc.) it should only be used with a small number of users.