Below you’ll find information on deploying your custom QuickHelp web portal.

How it Works

Benefits Of The Web Portal

  • Ease of deployment and access

  • Assigned Content

  • Ease of searching

  • Co-branded with your logo

What You Need


Corporate Single Sign-On (WS-Federation or SAML 2)

  • Users log in automatically

  • No passwords stored in the QuickHelp database

  • Automatic user provisioning

  • Access controlled by users’ corporate account status

QuickHelp Credentials

  • Accounts provisioned with First Name, Last Name, email, and password

    • Accounts are created via the QuickHelp web portal or admin portal (CSV import)

Who is Needed

The following individuals will need to be involved in deploying QuickHelp from the Web Portal.

  • Your QuickHelp Project Lead
  • If using Single Sign-On - your AD/Identity Management Team

Keep in Mind

Your system administrator may need to set special workstation (or client), firewall, or proxy configurations to allow video streaming.