If your organization authenticates in QuickHelp using a username and password (not Single Sign-On), there is the possibility of users forgetting their passwords and becoming locked out. After 5 failed attempts at authenticating, QuickHelp will lock the user account. 


The best way of avoiding this, of course, is to have the user reset his/her password before the 5th failed attempt. However, if they do become locked, all is not lost. They can be unlocked from the QuickHelp Admin Portal.

  1. From the Admin Portal, find the user in question from your User list
  2. A padlock will appear next to the locked user's email
  3. Single-click the user to access User Details
  4. From the Action Bar, click Unlock User

  5. After a short processing time, you will be notified that the user was successfully unlocked
  6. At this point you can either reset the password from within User Details or ask the user to reset their own password