If your SSO Identity Provider’s metadata changes, the updated metadata will need to be imported into QuickHelp.

Step-by-step guide

The following steps require that you have access to the QuickHelp Admin Portal. If you don’t have access, please contact your QuickHelp deployment team. This will take coordination as you will need to log in to the Admin Portal before the certificates change.

  1. Login to the QuickHelp Admin Portal using your QuickHelp administrator account and password
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the Authentication Settings tab
  4. Click on your current Identity Provider configuration
  5. From the Action Bar at the bottom of the page, click Update Metadata

  6. If your metadata is available from the Internet (and off network), select URL and enter the URL for your metadata (if your metadata is not available from the internet, skip to steps 9 & 10)
  7. Moving forward, if you want the metadata to automatically update, please check Automatically Update Metadata 

    If this is checked, each night QuickHelp will run a checksum on the metadata file in QuickHelp against the metadata file on the IdP server. If the files differ, QuickHelp will automatically import the new metadata

  8. Click Upload Metadata
  9. If you need to upload the file directly, select File and Browse to and import the metadata file
  10. Click Upload Metadata
  11. Click Finish
  12. Click Save Changes from the Action Bar at the bottom of the page