Ever experienced that moment when you forget your password? It's happened to the best of us.  Luckily, QuickHelp has a "Reset Password" option. After going through the steps to reset your password, you will receive an email with a link to create a new password. Please note that after 5 failed attempts at authenticating, QuickHelp will lock the user account, so try resetting your password before then.

Information about your password:

  • Password must be at least 6 characters.
  • Password can’t exceed 32 characters.
  • Password can’t contain the following characters:[space]",/;’`?:”|<>[]{}()"

How to reset your password:

  1. Use your correct QuickHelp URL (https://quickhelp.com/YOUR_CUSTOM_URL). If you can't remember your custom URL, you can go to https://quickhelp.com.
  2. Click Reset Password.
  3. Enter your organizational email (used with QuickHelp) and click the "I'm not a robot" checkbox. 
  4. After following the Captcha directions, click Restore. 
  5. You will receive confirmation that an email has been sent.

You didn't receive an email? Please refer to this support document

NOTE: If your organization uses Single Sign-On to log in to QuickHelp, you will be unable to reset a QuickHelp password. If you can't remember your network password, please contact your IT department.