Thinking of federating with QuickHelp? Need more technical information before you proceed? Check out the most commonly asked questions and answers below.

QuestionQuickHelp Response
Which Protocols are supported for SSO?SAML-p
Which IdP do you recommend?
QuickHelp is compatible with potentially any Identity Provider that can support WS-Federation or SAML 2.0 standards.
Support for Single Sign-On (SSO)IdP-initiated (tick)
SP-initiated (tick)
Support for Support for Single Log Out (SLO)None
Please provide a metadata file.WS-Federation: 
SAML 2.0:
Metadata is also included in the configuration PDF.
Supported SSO BindingsPOST
Entity/Connection ID
Assertion Consumer Service URL
Support for self-signed certsYes
Required SAML attributes/Primary IdentifierEmail is the only required attribute (must be in attribute assertion). First and Last name, Department, and Title are recommended.
Default Session Time OutUsers will stay logged in for 48-hours unless they click the "Logout" button – same computer/same browser. This time is configurable in the QuickHelp Admin Portal > Settings.
Support for deep linksWith SSO in place, users will automatically authenticate when using deep links.
Logout URLDefault Logout URL is A unique Logout URL can be configured in the QuickHelp Admin Portal > Settings.
Certs v. metadataQuickHelp requires the IdP metadata, and will extract the certs embedded in the xml file.
QuickHelp is configured in such a way, that a customer QuickHelp Admin can configure the SSO portion on the QuickHelp side, so that admin is uploading the metadata to QuickHelp his-/herself.
Support for signing or encryption of the SAML assertionWe support and require signing. We don’t require encryption.