NOTE:  As of August 17, 2021 QuickHelp no longer supports the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser. While users who currently use IE11 will still be able to access QuickHelp, starting August 17, 2021 we no longer test nor resolve issues that may have to do with the IE11 browser.

One or more of your users are unable to view QuickHelp videos in IE11?

It could be a browser setting that is causing the problem. The first step would be to verify whether the problem is specific to IE. To do so, have the user use a different browser (if possible).

  • If the video plays successfully in another browser, there is a good chance that HTML5 is disabled in IE (see image below). Please note that enabling this will require a computer reboot. 
  • If the video is not successful in another browser, it could be a firewall or proxy issue. Please try whitelisting the list of QuickHelp sites, found here.