QuickHelp APIs can be used to provision accounts, manage users, view content, and get user history information. For a complete list of our QuickHelp APIs, please visit the Customer API v1.0 portal. If you need help getting started, please see QuickHelp APIs - the Basics.

You can use QuickHelp APIs to retrieve data, survey user activity and QuickHelp content. The following APIs can be used to retrieve data from QuickHelp:

Get All Customer Details
Responds with the details for all child accounts under a partner account. This endpoint should only be used if you are a partner and have customers with child accounts.
Get AssetsRetrieves all assets that are available in your account. Assets include videos, surveys, assessments, events, communications, and PDFs.
Get Attended EventsUsed to retrieve a list of users that have attended events.
Get Search Results
Retrieves search results based on a provided query.
Get Skill Path AssetsResponds with all assets within a given skill path. Skill paths are courses that provide a structured delivery of assets.
Get User AssignmentsUsed to retrieve the content assigned to users. A due date or due time frame must be used with this endpoint.
Get User HistoryResponds with the history of QuickHelp user activity. Various request parameters are available to narrow and expand your search.
Get User JourneyUsed to get a user journey information for users.
Get User ListUsed to retrieve a complete list of QuickHelp users within your own account. Partners can use this endpoint to get a list of users within their child customer accounts.
Get List All SkusProvides a list of all skus. Skus include assets, skill paths, user journeys, and all other content.
Get List Customer Skus
Provides a list of all customer skus. This endpoint would be used for partners to get all assets, skill paths, user journeys, and content in a child account.
Get List Skill PathsUsed to retrieve all skill paths available in your account.
Get List TopicsResponds with a list of all topics available in the account.
Get List Upcoming EventsProvides a list of all upcoming events available in QuickHelp.

For more information about each API, please see the Customer API v1.0 portal.