As an Admin you will want to have the latest and greatest content. This applies to Skill Paths as well as content. To update your Skill Paths, the easiest way is to do the following: 


  1. Go into the QuickHelp Admin Portal 
  2. Click on Skill Paths 
  3. Click on Notifications 
  4. Click Apply All to the Skill Paths you would like to update. 



  • On the Notification Screen...You can click on the name of the Skill Path to see what changes have occurred 
  • If you have customized a QuickHelp-created Skill Path, updating the Skill Path will remove all your changes and set it to be the QuickHelp version 
  • You do NOT have to update a Skill Path, this is your choice 
  • A Skill Path will not display that it needs to be updated if you do not have the OLD version published