Integration between QuickHelp & SuccessFactors is now available and has the ability to work with your organization to post video views as External Learning Events.


NOTE: This will require some admin permissions, so we recommend creating an administrator specifically for managing the QuickHelp integration.


In order for us to post these learning events on your behalf, we require a few items from your SuccessFactors account:

  • The Root URL for your SF instance (this is what you type in the browser to reach your instance, such as https://{companyid}
  • The Company ID for your SF instance. This can be found on the Administrator management page when viewing client id’s / secrets. (Click HERE for additional information on finding this)
  • The User Id for a valid SF admin.
  • The Client secret for that admin (details below).


Generating a Client Secret


To generate the Client Secret you will need to:

1. Go to Learning Administration

2. Click on System Administration -> Security -> Administrators.

3. Click Add New

NOTE: If you are using an already existing user, then search for them using the search fields and click the edit (pencil) button.

4. Enter Required Fields

5. After creating a user, you will appear at their edit page.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click “Generate a new Client Secret”.


NOTE:  This secret will become inaccessible after you leave this page so make sure to copy it for personal use as well if you need it.  Make sure to copy the client secret and not the hash value


Send an email to your QuickHelp Client Success Manager with the fields mentioned at the beginning of this article. We will finish configuration on our end and let you know when setup is complete.  

Once completed, user completion data will begin coming across.