QuickHelp knows just how important communication is when driving change. Without communication, it’s obviously difficult to make change happen. That’s why we enable your change communications with a variety of resources and templates including a type of communication template we call QuickTips.

What are they?

QuickTips are stand-alone communication templates meant to highlight a particular application, feature, or behavior. Within the QuickHelp Admin Portal they can be customized, scheduled, and sent via email or Teams chat (provided the QuickHelp for Microsoft Teams app has been deployed).

The value

QuickTips are a go-to resource for change, here’s why:   

  • Awareness and adoption of targeted features
    When you’re trying to drive the adoption of a large application or even a suite of applications, making sure your users don’t miss a particularly important capability can be a challenge. With QuickTips you can direct focus to exciting, interesting, and/or can’t-miss features.

  • More frequent communication
    During any change campaign you may be looking for additional ways to keep the frequency of communication high without relying on assigning new QuickHelp content or the Weekly User Digest. QuickTips can serve as a great resource to continue your Drip Training efforts.


  • Continual engagement
    Between change initiatives? Don’t let that stop you from keeping users engaged in learning. Just because you aren’t actively deploying technology, doesn’t mean that users wouldn’t benefit from the quick productivity boost a QuickTip can provide.

Ideas and recommendations:

Here are a few examples where QuickTips shine.

  • Out of Office QuickTip
    Before colleagues head out on vacation (e.g., before summer and holidays) send out a QuickTip reminding them how to set their Out of Office.


  • New feature launches
    As new features are added to a technology, consider using or creating a QuickTip to let people know.


  • Send to champions
    If you can’t send emails broadly in the organization, send a QuickTip out to your champions every month and ask them to forward it on to their groups.

Next steps

  1. To access the available QuickTips templates, navigate to the Campaigns tab in the QuickHelp Admin Portal and ensure you are in the Communication section.
  2. Then open the topic or application of interest

  3. Look for the "QuickTip:" prefix to identify available QuickTips. From here, select, customize, and schedule any QuickTips you’d like to use. For more information on how, see Using the Campaigns Tab


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