If you have installed the BrainStorm Microsoft Teams App globally to your end users prior to March 1, 2021, please follow these instructions. 

To update the BrainStorm Teams app globally:

1. Go to the Teams Admin center -> Teams Apps -> Setup policies 

2. Choose the policy where the BrainStorm Teams app is applied 

  • Most likely it is on the Global (Org-wide default) location


3. Select the BrainStorm app in apps or/and pinned section and click 'Remove'



4. Click 'Save'

5. Then go through process to add the BrainStorm newest app version (Instructions can be found HERE)


NOTE: If your organization has used the customer bot package you will need to do the following:

1. Go to 'Manage apps' -> Find Brainstorm. You should see the two apps. Choose one that has 'Custom App=Yes' property. Open it and click 'delete':

2. Go to Setup policies -> Click 'Add app' in Installed apps/Pinned apps section and type the name of our app

3. Add it and click Save