Links in a BrainStorm Threat Defense phishing campaign email will direct your end user to a specific Landing Page. QuickHelp provides preconfigured Landing Pages that can be used in your campaigns, but you can also create your own to match any custom campaigns you may wish to send. Technical Support is included in your BrainStorm Threat Defense purchase. Exclusions to this Technical Support are custom email templates, landing pages, feedback pages, or remedial content creation as well as support arising from any customer-created content. These are paid implementation services that require additional fees.

  1. Click New > Campaign > Simulated Phishing > Landing Page from the Action Bar
  2. Enter a Landing Page Name
    NOTE: This is not visible to the end user.
  3. Click the Next arrow
  4. Format the Landing Page Body as desired with the available tools
    Use variables to increase relevance and form submission rates
    e.g. {{FirstName}}, {{LastName}}, {{Email}}, etc.
  5. Click the Finish checkmark