Before end users ever log in to QuickHelp, a QuickHelp Admin can create Groups or System Groups in QuickHelp, assign Skill Paths, and determine if these Groups are managed by a QuickHelp Admin with the proper Admin Roles

Groups must be created manually, but System Groups can be created automatically using attribute mapping within your Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration. Using Groups (instead of System Groups) is QuickHelp’s best practice. To understand the difference between Groups and System Groups click here. This document will focus on the Group type System Group. Instructions for creating a Group are found here.

System Groups can either be created from the Admin Portal or automatically using SSO attribute mapping. Steps for both methods will be provided below.

Admin Portal

  1. Click New > Group > Group from the Action Bar
  2. Enter a Title in the New System Group wizard
  3. Enter a Description (optional)
  4. Enter Keywords (optional)
    NOTE: Keywords can be used for searching in the QuickHelp Portal
  5. Click the Next arrow
  6. Enter an Owner (optional)
    NOTE: The Group Owner must have Admin access to Groups
  7. Check or uncheck SSO
    This checkbox only comes into play if you use SSO to populate System Groups. If checked, users will be automatically added to or removed from the group based on their identity database profile. If not checked, membership is managed by a QuickHelp Admin with the appropriate access. Please see Adding Users to Groups for instructions.
  8. Click the Finish checkmark

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO can be used to automatically create and populate System Groups as users log in to QuickHelp. If there is a single- or multiple-value attribute in your IdP that can be used as a QuickHelp System Group identifier, include it as the Group parameter (e.g., location, office, etc.). The number of user-assigned values for the chosen attribute should be relatively small as a QuickHelp Group will be created for each value. It is QuickHelp's best practice to not use AD Groups as a QuickHelp System Group will be created for each users' assigned AD Groups and can result in hundreds of QuickHelp System Groups.

For more information on using SSO to create groups, please see the QuickHelp Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration Guide.