Before end users ever log in to QuickHelp, a QuickHelp Admin can create Groups or System Groups in QuickHelp, assign Skill Paths, and determine if these Groups are managed by a QuickHelp Admin with the proper Admin Roles

Groups must be created manually, but System Groups can be created automatically using attribute mapping within your SSO configuration. Using Groups (instead of System Groups) is QuickHelp’s best practice. To understand the difference between Groups and System Groups click here. This document will focus on the Group type Group. Instructions for creating a System Group are found here.

Groups can either be created from the Admin Portal or the End-User Portal, depending on the Admin Role assigned. Steps for both methods will be provided below.

Admin Portal

  1. Click New > Group > Group from the Action Bar
  2. Enter a Title in the New Group wizard
  3. Enter a Description (optional)
  4. Enter Keywords (optional)
    NOTE: Keywords can be used for searching in the QuickHelp Portal
  5. Click the Next arrow
  6. Enter an Owner (optional, unless Access is enabled, see step 16 below)
    NOTE: The Group Owner must have Admin access to Groups
  7. If group membership is to be automatic based on defined criteria, check Enrollment 
    (If you are not creating an Auto Enrollment Group: skip to step 15)
  8. Click the Next arrow
  9. Choose Microsoft Graph from the Member Source pulldown menu
    NOTE: At this time, Microsoft Graph is the only available Member Source, and Graph must be configured in your QuickHelp tenant
  10. Choose desired selection (e.g. Department, Hire Date, etc.) from Rule pulldown menu
  11. Choose desired selection from Criteria pulldown menu (options in the Criteria pulldown menu will be defined by the Rule selected)
  12. To add additional rules, click the + icon at the right of the existing rule (optional)
  13. When done adding rules, click Apply
  14. Click the Finish checkmark and you are done creating this new Group
    NOTE: No emails will go out to any QuickHelp licensed user(s) that are added to this group.
    NOTE: If unlicensed QuickHelp users are added to an enrollment group, and then these users are later licensed... the "You've been added to a group" Email will go out to these users when they receive a QuickHelp license. There is not a way to disable this email.

  15. If group membership requires approval from the Group Owner, check Access, else leave it unchecked
  16. Click the Next arrow
  17. Select the checkbox to the left of users you wish to add to this group (optional)
    1. Check Suppress email notifications if no notification email is desired
    2. Check Hide unlicensed users to only list users with an active QuickHelp license
    3. If adding members after the group is created, please see Adding Users to Groups.
  18. Click the Finish checkmark 

End-User Portal

An End User with the User Group Creator Role can create Groups from within QuickHelp itself, bypassing the Admin Portal.

  1. Click the "menu" icon at the top left of the QuickHelp Portal
  2. Click Groups
  3. Click Create New Group
  4. From the Visibility pulldown menu, select Private or Public - All users may view
    • Private - Only members will see this group in the QuickHelp Portal and membership is managed by a QuickHelp Admin with the appropriate access
    • Public - All users may view - Group is visible to all end users in the QuickHelp Portal
  5. Choose Yes or No from Require approval to join?
    NOTE: Only available if Public - All users may view is selected above
  6. Enter a Group Name
  7. Enter a Group Owner (required if Require approval to join? is set to Yes)
    NOTE: The Group Owner must have Admin access to Groups
  8. Enter a Description
  9. Click Continue
  10. Choose Yes or No from Would you like to add members now?
    NOTE: If No, please see the section on Adding Users to Groups to add them later
  11. If Yes, choose All company or By Name or Email from the How would you like to add members? pulldown menu
  12. If By Name or Email, enter the name or email for the user to be added - QuickHelp will display matching users to be selected, else skip to step 16
  13. Click the user to add
  14. Repeat for all users to be added
  15. Require these individuals to become member? and Send optional message are not tied to funtionality, so please disregard these options
  16. Click Complete