Getting a handle on digital security is a hot topic these days, and organizations are doing all they can to keep information protected.

With all the protection around inbound emails, your end users may have trouble receiving QuickHelp communications. Or, you may simply have a company policy against external emails. To assist with this, in the Admin Portal, you can configure QuickHelp to send emails from your organization’s own SMTP server.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your email server may have sending limitations (number of emails sent per minute, per hour, and/or total per day). Prior to configuring SMTP in QuickHelp, verify any limitations with your Email Administrator and ensure said limitations will not impact successful delivery of QuickHelp emails to your end users. 

Who is needed?

What is needed?

Prior to configuring SMTP in the QuickHelp Admin Portal, you will need to configure the following in your Email tenant/SMTP server:

  1. An email account from which to send QuickHelp emails
    • Will this be a monitored or an un-monitored account?
  2. Security policies configured to allow emails to originate from an external source

Things to keep in mind

  1. If any of the settings used for SMTP configuration change (Sender email, User Name, User Password), these settings will need to be updated in the Admin Portal at the same time or all QuickHelp emails will fail to send.
  2. Your SMTP server may have sending limits (number of emails sent at a time) in place. There are a few emails from QuickHelp that are sent in bulk (e.g. Weekly User Digest, Event Reminders, emails from the Communications Tab, etc.), and your server may experience performance issues or emails may not be sent to all users.

QuickHelp Admin Portal Configuration

  1. Click Settings > SMTP Settings
  2. Check Use custom SMTP settings checkbox
  3. Enter your SMTP Host address
  4. Enter your SMTP Port number
  5. Enter the Sender Name (see What is needed? above)
    • The display name/sender name may be overridden depending on your email server settings.
  6. Enter the Sender Email (see What is needed? above)
    • Your security settings may require this to match the Username below.
  7. Check Use SSL if applicable
  8. Enter a User Name
    • Must have access to your Email Server.
    • Your security settings may require this to match the information provided on step 5.
  9. Enter the Password for this user
  10. Enter a Test Email Account to which QuickHelp will send a test (this is required to verify the settings)
  11. Click Test Email Settings
  12. If successful, click Save in the Action Bar
    • If unsuccessful, please verify the information provided in the different configuration fields

What happens now?

Every future QuickHelp email will now be sent from the email configured above. The only exception to this could be emails sent from the Communications Tab. In the Communications Tab email configuration, for either a custom email or a duplicated BrainStorm email (BrainStorm’s best practice), you will have three options for delivery (see screenshot below). If you are making changes to an email in the Communications Tab, please remember to SAVE prior to sending the email.

  1. Sent from BrainStorm’s SendGrid 
    1. Do not use if configured SMTP and Microsoft is your email server. Messages will fail to send
  2. Sent from BrainStorm’s SendGrid
    1. Do not use if configured SMTP and Microsoft is your email server. Messages will fail to send
  3. Sent from your custom SMTP configuration
    • Other only available on custom emails or copied BrainStorm provided emails