Leveraging Groups within QuickHelp can help ensure your end users are assigned content that is relevant to their unique needs. Groups can be created around a topic, a point of interest, Department or Job Title, etc. Organizational QuickHelp Admins can then gather data, track trends, and see how specific content is landing for these specific users.

In QuickHelp, there are two types of Groups: Groups and System Groups. What's the difference?


Using Groups is 's best practice.

Groups can be managed by either a QuickHelp Admin or an End User with the User Group Creator Role


Allows members to be automatically added to (and removed from) a group based on defined criteria. Currently, the available criteria comes from Microsoft Graph, so requires that you have enabled Microsoft Graph sync with your QuickHelp tenant. Enabling Enrollment will disable both the Visibility and Access options.

End users within these Enrollment Groups are updated in the following timeframe:

AttributeUpdate Frequency
First NameEvery Morning
Last NameEvery Morning
Email AddressEvery Morning
DepartmentEvery Morning
Job TitleEvery Morning
CountryEvery Morning
License TypeEvery Morning
Office LocationEvery Morning
Create DateEvery Morning
Reports toEvery 2.5 Weeks
Hire DateEvery 2.5 Weeks

NOTE: No emails will go out to any QuickHelp licensed user(s) that are added to this group.
NOTE: If unlicensed QuickHelp users are added to an enrollment group, and then these users are later licensed... the "You've been added to a group" Email will go out to these users when they receive a QuickHelp license. There is not a way to disable this email. 


Allows your end users to see and join a group from the QuickHelp portal. If Visibility is disabled, Access will be automatically disabled and only members added by an Admin will see the group in the QuickHelp Portal. 


End users can request membership to a group, but the Group Owner must approve the request. Disabled if Visibility is also disabled.

System Groups

System Groups are managed by a QuickHelp Admin in the Admin Portal

  • End User must be added and removed by QuickHelp Admins
  • Can be leveraged with Single Sign-On