Do you have training that your end users are required to complete on a regular basis? Possibly Security, Safety, or Compliance? Using the Reset Skill Path feature, QuickHelp Admins can “reset” a Skill Path to its original, incomplete state allowing users to complete it again on a given cadence. Here’s how it works:

  1. QuickHelp Admin Portal > Skill Paths > {{Skill Path Name}} > Configure
  2. Click the Reset checkbox
  3. Select the desired date from the Next Reset Date pulldown menu
    NOTE: The date must be in the future
  4. Select the cadence from the Occurs Every pulldown menu
    NOTE: Options are Day, Week, Month, Year. Make note of your chosen date and cadence as this schedule will continue in perpetuity.
  5. Click Save Changes in the Action Bar

WARNINGIf you remove the reset (uncheck the Reset checkbox) the skill path will revert to its prior completed state for users. Exercise caution when unchecking or making changes to your reset schedule to avoid excessive reassignments of skills paths or other user data errors.

Once an Admin has reset the Skill Path, current progress is removed and your end users will be able to re-watch the Skill Path as if for the first time. But don’t worry! Any historical completion data is stored in QuickHelp and can be easily exported. To this end, after the Skill Path has been “Reset”, two options will appear to export the Activity Data in the Skill Path Dashboard: Current Activity Export  (which is a permanent option) and Completion History Export.

Note: The Completion History Data includes only completions. The export will not include users who may have started but not completed the Skill Path.