QuickHelp can access two types of data from Microsoft Graph. One used for Provisioning, and one for Data Reporting. The authentication process is the same for both.

Click here for a list of QuickHelp/Microsoft Graph FAQs.

Authentication Process

How QuickHelp authenticates with your Microsoft Graph

Select Sync Options

Admins can choose the type of data access for QuickHelp.

Sync Users – Required for automatic import of users in your O365 tenant

Permission Required: User.Read.All - Read-only permission required to see all the users in a customer’s O365 tenant.

Usage Data – Required to view Graph Reports and see adoption and usage of O365 licenses across your tenant.

Permission Required: Reports.Read.All - Read-only permission required to read all service usage reports. 

Sign in to Office 365

The O365 Admin user is required to sign into their organization's O365 tenant.

  • This is a Microsoft-generated dialog where you sign in and verify identity with Microsoft.
  • The O365 global Admin’s credentials are only visible to Microsoft. QuickHelp does not have visibility to them.
  • Once the O365 global Admin successfully authenticates, QuickHelp receives an Authorization token. This token does not have any permissions associated with it at this moment.

QuickHelp Permissions

After the global Admin successfully signs in, Microsoft generates a dialog listing the permissions requested by QuickHelp. This dialog allows you to view and ensure that the permissions requested are what you want to allow.

NOTE: although this dialog box displays these specific permissions will be granted, Microsoft Office Graph API does not grant QuickHelp the following: Sign in and read user profile 

On accepting the permissions request, the authorization token is updated to allow QuickHelp to access data. Click here for additional information on permissions and authentication. QuickHelp uses Application permissions.* That allows us to a subset of the functions available to the admin user that authenticated the application.

Click HERE for more information on Application Permissions.

License Filters

If you choose to assign QuickHelp licenses automatically, you can choose to filter QuickHelp licenses by multiple variables (e.g.: Product Name, Country, Department, Job Title, etc.). You can mix and match the filters below as needed. These filters are optional.


Save configuration to ensure your changes are applied. QuickHelp syncs with Microsoft Graph every night, but if you want to synchronize immediately, click Sync Now. 

User Sync: Only users with an email domain that is on your organization's approved domain list for QuickHelp will be imported. Please contact your QuickHelp-assigned Client Success Manager if there are any questions about approved domains. 

Usage Reports: It may take up to 36 hours for the first Graph Report to display in the Admin Portal. To ensure that all data is collected, the information provided in Graph Reports will always be delayed by five days.