You took the time to create User Journeys that best address the organizational and individual needs of your end users. However, to ensure that your end users are able to view the QuickHelp content you want them to see, you need to verify Content Visibility. This is done in six (6) areas, all within the Admin Portal.

Content Library

Topic > Category > Asset

End-User Consumption

Skill Path > Course > Course Item

For an asset to be visible to your end users in QuickHelp,  not only must the asset itself be published in your content library, but so must its parent Topic and Category.

1. Content > Topics

2. Content > Topics > Category

3. Topics > Category > Content Item

If the asset is part of a Skill Path, the Skill Path,  Course, and Course Item must also be published.

4. Skill Paths

5. Skill Paths > Courses

6. Skill Paths > Courses > Course Items

Note: If you see this icon next to a Course Item,  this indicates that the item is not published in the Content Library (see 1-3).

So, remember, the magic number six (6)