It is QuickHelp's practice to keep all content created in QuickHelp, unpublishing the content rather than removing them. This allows organizations to retain the usage data associated with each asset. 

NOTE: While you are able to delete a Custom User Journey, you are only able to change the namof a Custom Skill Path or a Custom Asset. You will be unable to delete Custom Skill Paths and/or Custom Assets unless it poses a security risk. If a security risk is present, please enter a Support Ticket. Include the name of the content that is to be removed (include the Topic and Category names). Please allow up to 5 business days for this to be completed.

To Delete a User Journey

NOTE: You must have the correct Admin access to delete a User Journey ( Check out the following QuickHelp Support Article: What do the different Admin Roles really mean?)

1. Click the box to the left of the specific User Journey

2. Click DELETE in the Action Bar