Thinking of creating your own custom content, building a unique Skill Path or User Journey, or assigning specific content to your end users? Check out the following:


  • You know your end users better than anyone. You can select the content that will help these users change the way they adopt new software.
  • You can upload content that is unique to your organization.
  • You can track completion of custom content.
  • You can add checkpoints and/or assessments to check for understanding.

To learn more:

  1. Review the pdf below: Uploading Content into QuickHelp 
  2. Review the following Skill Paths in QuickHelp:
    • QuickHelp Admins: Build Your Own Skill Path
    • QuickHelp Admins: Upload Your Content into QuickHelp
    • QuickHelp Admins: Effectively Assign Content to Users