QuickHelp can send automated emails to end users in the following situations: account creation, password reset, assignments, event registration, group activity, etc. If you or your users aren't receiving these emails, it may be for a few reasons. 


It may be that your IT department needs to whitelist the QuickHelp email server(s) (see information below).


Notification Settings

If some users are receiving emails but others aren't, please have the users not receiving emails check their Notification Settings in QuickHelp. Individual users can disable emails.


If some users are receiving emails, but other aren't, you will want to verify the country that they are located in. Remember that due to GDPR regulations, EU users "opt-in" to receiving emails when they originally log in to QuickHelp. For more information regarding GDPR, click HERE

Custom Send Method

If Direct Send or SMTP is configurated within the QuickHelp Admin portal has been started and not completed, no emails will be sent until the configuration is completed and verified. Click HERE for Custom Send Method configuration details.

NOTE : If your organization uses Direct Send or SMTP as their Custom Send Method you must do the following:

1. Select OTHER as the Send From > Then select your organization's Direct Send email from the dropdown.

2. Duplicate the campaign when using one of our previously created campaigns. If you do not, you will not see the Other radial button.

3. SAVE. If you do not, the email will not send.


If users are not receiving emails regarding their password reset please note the following:

  1. If your organization uses Single Sign-On to log in to QuickHelp, you will be unable to reset a QuickHelp password. If you can't remember your network password, please contact your IT department. 
  2. If your organization's QuickHelp subscription has expired, an email will not be sent to reset your password.

If this does not answer your questions, please enter a support ticket here.