Overview: At BrainStorm, we are committed to keeping our content library evergreen, relevant, and effective. We periodically review our materials to ensure they meet our quality standards and the needs of our clients. Inevitably, we occasionally find content that needs to be retired because of changing software and the evolution of the way we work. We've instituted a process to deprecate content that needs to be retired.

Deprecation Process

  1. Review: Our team periodically reviews our content within our library to determine its relevance and accuracy.
  2. 30-Day Notice: Content identified for deprecation will be listed in a linked Excel spreadsheet. Clients will be able view deprecating content for 30 days before any content is removed.
  3. Removal: After 30 days, we will begin to remove outdated content.

View Deprecating Assets

To view the content scheduled for deprecation, please click on the following link:

We encourage our clients to review this list and make any changes to custom courses that may use the listed learning assets before the 30-day notice period expires.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we strive to keep our content valuable and relevant.