Templates built within the QuickHelp Admin portal can be thought of as a master QuickHelp subscription. They can be used to manage multiple customers with similar needs all at the same time.


Here is how to:


  1. Log in to the QuickHelp Partner Admin Portal (https://admin.quickhelp.com)
  2. Click NEW

  3. Click Partner Customer
  4. Click Customer Template

  5. Enter the Title of your Template

    NOTE: Always include the title of your company in the name of the Template. This will make it easier to search for in the future.
    NOTE: Once the wizard is completed, the word "Template" will be added to the name of your Template, so there is no need to name your Template "ABC Template"... as it will then look like "Template ABC Template"

  6. Check the box “IS ACTIVE” to publish this template
  7. Enter the TEMPLATE MANAGER’s email address

    NOTE: This email address can be any email address, it does not need to be someone from your Child account
    NOTE: Once this template is completed, an email will be sent to this individual

  8. Select the Arrow to continue

  9. Select the SKU(s) to enable
  10. Select the Arrow to continue

  11. Leave number of SKU License set to “0”
  12. Select Checkmark to complete Wizard

  13. Manage On Behalf Of this particular Template
  14. Click on Content
    NOTE: Enabling a SKU publishes all content for that SKU and any content that is in the Default SKU. If you wish some content to NOT be enabled you will need to Unpublish this content.

  15. Click on Skill Paths

  16. Click on the box next to any Skill Paths you would like your Child Customers to see 
  17. Click on Publish (At the bottom of the screen in black)
    NOTE: All Skill Paths that are pulled in are based on the SKUs that you previously selected.  
    NOTE: All Courses and Course Assets are already published. You will only need to publish the Skill Paths you desire.

    Now it is time to assign content to your end users for your Child Customers

  18. Click on NEW
  19. Click on USER JOURNEY
  20. Enter the TITLE of the User Journey
  21. Click PUBLISHED
  22. Select which SKU you will be pulling the Skill Paths from
  23. Click the Arrow to continue
  24. Select if this will go to All Users or not
  25. Click the Arrow to continue
  26. Using either type ahead or Browse, select the Skill Paths for this User Journey
    NOTE: The Skill Paths available will only be those previously Published
    NOTE: A sweet spot for the number of Skill Paths within a User Journey is 3-4
  27. Click the Arrow to continue

  28. Select which type of Assets will be assigned to the course
    NOTE: If you select only Essential or only Productivity the other content will be there, it will simply not be "Assigned" to the end user
  29. Click the Arrow to continue
  30. Verify that all of the Courses you would like assigned within each Skill Path are selected
  31. Click the Arrow to continue
  32. Specify the Learning Sequence (Optional)
    NOTE: You can allow the users to decide which order they would like to take their assigned content, or you, as the Admin, can define this sequence
  33. Click the Arrow to continue
  34. Select which Skill Paths would have a Due Date attached to them
    NOTE: The number of days represents from the moment they are given a license in QuickHelp
  35. Click the Checkbox to complete the Wizard

    Your Template is now complete.