Templates built within the QuickHelp Admin portal can be thought of as a master QuickHelp subscription. They can be used to manage multiple customers with similar needs all at the same time.

For example, if you deploy to all of your customers Microsoft Office 365 products and Security Awareness information, templates are helpful because they will contain a pre-set list of this specific content (Assets, Courses, Skill Paths, etc.) that will automatically be assigned and made available to your Child Account users as soon as their subscription account is created.

What a great way, quick and easy, to create and manage your Child customer’s QuickHelp subscription.

Another benefit to attaching your Child customers to a custom template is the ability to push new and/or custom content out to multiple customers all at the same time. You simply update your template and all customers attached to that template inherit the updated learning material.

Multiple templates can also be created if you have a few different scenarios that are common across your customer base. The key is to build one or two different templates that will fit the needs of the majority of your customers.


To learn how to create a template: Click HERE

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