Your customers would now like to try different content packs that are within QuickHelp. That is fantastic. Here is how to do just that.

NOTE: You must have the correct ROLE assigned to your user to be able to add additional content packs. 

  1. Within the QuickHelp Partner Admin Portal click CUSTOMERS.
  2. Click on Customer's Name.

  3. Click on PACKS.
  4. Check the box next to the content packs you would like to enable.
  5. Click ENABLE PACK (at the bottom of the screen in the black).
  6. Specifically for Threat Defense - Campaigns:
    1. Leave Trial Version box unchecked
    2. Select Domain from dropdown
    3. Insert correct number of licenses
      NOTE: This is very Important as this will be the number of users who receive the campaign. You may wish to add additional licenses to this number to make sure that all users receive the Phishing Campaign.
      NOTE: You will be billed for the number of total users that are licensed for this specific customer (not the number of licenses you place in this section)
    4. Click on checkmark to complete
    5. To complete set up, Manage on Behalf of your Customer and follow steps in the documents found here: BrainStorm Threat Defense

  7. For all other content packs.
    1. Leave number of licenses set to "0".
    2. Click on checkmark to complete.